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Our standard pricing is best suited for those first timers or if you love to float but unsure if you can float every month, our membership pricing is for those hardcore floaters, they make sure they float more than once a month to make the most of there discounted pricing.

Each float lasts for 1 hour with a little extra time (30 minutes total) either side to get ready, have a shower etc.

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Standard Float
1 hour
Couples Float
1 hour
3 Float package
3 x 1 hour
10 Float package
10 x 1 hour
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Sports Massage:
A more intense massage with deep tissue techniques and strong pressure, suitable for targeting pain, relieving tight congested muscles and increasing motion and flexibility.

A gentle massage with long slow nurturing techniques with softer pressure resulting in reduced tension and stress, calming of the nervous system and promoting an overall feeling of deep relaxation and wellbeing.

A more traditional l “Swedish” style massage incorporating both softer and firmer pressure and a range of techniques to not only address stiffness and pain but also promotes rejuvenation, relaxation and health.

Lady lying down getting a back massage
Quick massage
30 min
Full massage
60 min
Extended massage
90 min
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Take a ride in our Infrared sauna and help sweat out all those toxins from your skin.

Inside of a wooden sauna
30 min
Sauna with a friend
30 min
Sauna with two friends
30 min
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Our memberships are all a minimum of 3 months.

Ariel photo of the ocean with waves crashing into the rocks
Single Float
Paid monthly

Includes: Single 60 min float and 10% off all extra bookings (Floats, massage, sauna and products)

Float and Massage
Paid monthly

Includes: Single 60 min float, 30 min massage and 12% off all extra bookings (Floats, massage, sauna and products)

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Hand making small water ripplesLady lying down getting a back massageInside of a wooden saunaAriel photo of the ocean with waves crashing into the rocks

Our instagram.

Have and awesome photo and story? Send it to and once a month we’ll choose our favourite to feature on our instagram and reward you with a free 60 minute float.

Your stories and images don't need to be float specific, it could be about something peaceful, a mindful tip, a special location.