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Can I float if I'm pregnant?

Absolutely! It’s a great way for a mum to feel a closer connection to her bub, as well as take the weight off your spine. Some people even hear their baby’s heart beat! It is safe to float between 12-37 weeks, but we recommend that you contact your GP if you have any concerns.

We go into more depth in our blog post 'Float therapy during pregnancy'.

Can I drown if I fall asleep?

No, the salt concentration in the water is so great that your body is completely buoyant. You are welcome to fall asleep though!

What if my hair is dyed?

We ask that you wait at least two weeks after you’ve dyed your hair, to ensure both the water in the tank and your hair are not damaged.

What if its that time of the month?

No sorry! But hey, it’s a great way to soothe some of those PMS symptoms!

Are there any reasons I can't float?

You can’t float if you have epilepsy, Gastro, a serious heart condition, an infectious disease, open wounds, are menstruating, you have recently dyed your hair or used tanning products, or you are under the influence of drugs or alcohol.

Do I need to bring anything?

Nope, we’ve got it covered! We provide you with towels, ear plugs, a pillow and a delicious range of body wash, skin care, shampoo and conditioner from local organic manufacturers ‘Plantae’. We even have tea and water for afterwards. It may pay to bring a case for you contact lenses or a brush if you have long hair.

What do I wear?

Your birthday suit! Each room is completely private with its own shower and toilet. If this still doesn’t appeal to you then you are welcome to bring your togs.

What if I'm claustrophobic?

Most people find floating a feeling of weightless freedom rather than being enclosed in a small space. Our float tanks are surprisingly roomy- 2.4 m long by 1.6 me wide and 1.5 metres high. The important thing to remember is that you are in control so you can always open the lid or put on some music if you like.

Will I get bored?

Some people find that it takes a few sessions to get used to being alone with your own thoughts…It’s not something we have time for much these days! Just try to relax, get comfortable and observe your thoughts as they come and go.

Is there a 'correct' way to do it?

Definitely not! We just want you to be comfortable and enjoy the experience. That means floating in whatever position that feels best for you. We recommend floating with the lid down and lights off, but you are more than welcome to leave it open. We even have the option of having your own music!

Can I come with a friend?

Yes, lots of people find it fun to share their experience with someone else. There is only room for one in each pod but we have two float rooms so have a look online or contact us so we can book you into together.

Do I need to book?

We recommend getting booking in advance so you don’t miss out! Sometimes we have cancellations or same day floats available, but you can have a look on our website here or give us a call on 03 5487983 between 10am and 10pm any day of the week.

Can I give a float session as a gift?

Sure! What goes around comes around and we have our very own ‘karma card’ gift vouchers which you can give to someone you care about. Just ask at reception or have a look on our website. Hopefully they’ll return the favour to someone else!

How is water hygiene maintained?

We ask that you shower before you float in order to maintain our hygiene standards. The water contains mostly salt which turns it into a natural disinfectant. We also add a small amount of H202 to ensure any imperfections are completely removed, as well as filtering the water through a medical grade filter 4-6 times between every session.

Do I have to stay in the whole time?

No, there are no latches on the lid so you can get out whenever you like. However you’ll probably find that an hour passes by a lot quicker than you’d expect!

Am I locked in?

Not from the outside! However you can choose to lock your door from within.

Is it private?

Definitely! Each room has it’s own shower and toilet, and we recommend you float in your birthday suit! There are locks on the doors so no one can walk in while you are in the tank.

Can I float if I'm in a wheelchair?

Absolutely! In fact floating is great for a wide range of illnesses and disabilities. We have wheelchair access to both of our pod rooms, as well as a separate toilet. We are more than happy to help you get in and out of the pod, otherwise you might want to bring someone along with you.

What if I'm breastfeeding?

We want to reward you new mothers for all your hard work! You are able to float if you are breast feeding but we ask that you try to express or breastfeed as close to your appointment as you can.

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