Wave and water

Floating (also known as sensory deprivation or float therapy) is the absence of gravity, the feeling of complete weightlessness where you can’t tell where the water starts and your body begins. A session usually lasts between 60-90 minutes and is the perfect accompaniment to a massage, a workout or some meditation.We want you to feel completely at ease and able to find your ‘happy place’.

When you float, you are lying in a large pod with a lid that is filled with about 30 cm of water. Flotation tanks are designed to be a light and sound free place to relax- this means no external stimuli from the outside environment. Here at Uplift we have two pods that are 2.4 metres long by 1.6 metres wide inside- nice and roomy! Each pod contains 500 kg of Epsom salts so you are able to float easily on the surface, just like in the Dead Sea! The water temperature is kept heated at 35.5 degrees- the same temperature as your skin. This will make you feel completely weightless and at one with the water, allowing every muscle and joint in your body to fully relax and recover after a hard days work… or work out!

Most people float with ear plugs in and the light off, but it can be controlled from the inside of the pod if you want to leave it on. There’s even an array of different colours and light animations you can choose from, or the option of hooking up your own music to listen to.Floating is recognised widely now days as an effective practice to de-stress, recover from injury or illness, aid meditation, inspire creativity and enhance sporting performance. You might have heard Joe Rogan talk about it, or you might have received one of our karma cards as a gift voucher.

Floating is for everyone, whether it be the mum that’s always on the go, the hard working businessman, the arthritis sufferer or the aspiring athlete, we simply recommend an open mind and the willingness to be uplifted!

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