Open everyday from 10am till 10pm

Phone: +64 3 922 9942


How to float

  1. It’s best if you are 10-15 minutes early- that way you get to make use of your full hour. Sit down, grab a book and relax in our cosy float lounge out the front.

  2. You will be taken to your own private float room which has a shower and a toilet.

  3. Have a quick shower first- we ask you that you do this to keep the float pod environment as clean as possible.

  4. Grab a pillow if you want it, step in to the float pod and sit down in the water. Turn the light off (if you like) and close the lid.

  5. You will hear ten minutes of music to ease you into your float. Lie down and try to relax all of your body parts- don’t worry, the water will support you! You may notice any areas of tension or become aware of your breathing and heartbeat. Embrace it!

  6. Try to be still and let your mind wander wherever it wants to. Some people think over problems, some find inspiration, others like to embrace the silence and think about nothing!

  7. At the end of your float, music will begin playing again which signals the end of your float session. Lift the lid and hop on out.

  8. Jump in the shower again to rinse off the salt then make your way out to the float lounge.

  9. Head off and bask in that post-float glow or stick around and enjoy a tea in our float lounge- stay for as long as you like!

Remember, your float experience will most likely be determined by your state of mind.